1.2 Trillion

It is estimated that 1.2 trillion photos will be taken in 2017. Think of all the photos you have on your phone, hard drive,  external drives, thumb drives, CD and in the cloud. It can add up to thousands of photos that we have accumulated over time. What are you going to do with them? I am guilty of procrastinating in organizing and cataloguing so I can find them later and then become frustrated when I look for a photo and can’t find it. So, I have determined this year to better organize my photos as I take them. Below is an interesting article from Mylio.


1.2 Trillion photos will be taken in 2017
Courtesy of: Mylio.com

One response

  1. You as a photographer have definitely all kinds of photo files.
    I have literally millions of photos, about 20 versions of each painting, and there are quite a few thousands of my paintings; then setups for still life, etc, scenery, flowers, sky. It’s a lot. I do save copies, but not of everything. I’ve become stricter with deleting whatever seems to be not that successful picture or unrelated to anything meaningful.
    Professional organizer is ok, but I personally have photos for which only I can decide whether delete or save. Well, as a medical writer working globally for 35 years, I also have insane numbers of typed documents, research documents, patient documents, very many files about pharmaceuticals, instructions to doctors, recall letters, discharge summaries, so, I have a few computers, I mean I use usually 3 computers with 5 screens, so that I can compare documents on 2 screens. Phone is just for quick shots. Safety and potential loss of images is a tough thing. Well, we have to take it easy since not everything is even worth preserving.


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